What defines a piece as demi-fine?

For major life moments like a wedding, anniversary, or birth, what was once possible is now available for teens. It’s also possible for couples to have a 2-carat-diamond ring. It’s also possible for those who can’t afford to buy it. And for people who simply want to wear gold jewelry while running, cooking, or just for fun, but are worried about whether the quality of the inexpensive items will tarnish. These brands have made a whole new market from an industry that is saturated with tradition.

The majority of affordable fine jewelry brands work under a direct to consumer model. Many are digital-first. This means that shops don’t have to pay any fees to retailers for their products. They can set their own prices. The shop can pass these savings on to customers womens demi fine jewelry by maintaining better margins.

Stone and Strand is an affordable fine jewelry shop which was established in 2013. It offers customers the opportunity to enjoy an “expensive style without the markup.” By creating jewelry in the same factories as Fifth Avenue New York competitors the brand intentionally keeps prices low so that all can afford it.

Stone and Strand used 10-karat gold for the majority of its fine pieces. This is especially noteworthy. Ten-karat gold is 41.7% of gold. While it’s less pure that 14-karat (58%) and 18 karat (75%), it’s one of the most durable. Stone and Strand customers will benefit from using this base metal for their fine jewelry. Pieces will be less expensive and more resistant to scratches and bumps that are part of everyday life.

Stone and Strand also offer engagement rings at a fraction of the cost. They combine small diamonds to create the appearance of a larger stone. For example, the Mia ring has an approximate total carat weight (.5) and a.2-carat centre stone. The overall effect is comparable to a large pear-shaped gemstone, but for a fraction of its cost. It’s not hard to see how these small-scale fine jewelry companies can sustain themselves. They regularly release new styles and offer multiple pieces at low prices.

It’s hard to say what the answer is, but many affordable fine jewelry shops have taken steps to ensure sustainability. Many brands prefer to use recycled gold. Stone and Strand, for instance, have made a commitment towards sustainability by crafting with recycled metal and making sure that all shipments of their products are carbon neutral. Other sellers sell estate or vintage jewelry in addition to their own collection, giving new life and purpose to old pieces that may otherwise remain in storage.

Fine jewelry should be durable. It can be passed on to the next generation or even melted down and made into new pieces, which eliminates the risk of waste. Fine pieces can also easily be repaired, which is something that many costume options cannot do. Fast fashion, which are mass-produced, cheap clothing items that follow the trends, is often bought for their quickness. Fine jewelry, however, is considered an investment.

Another pivot that innovative jewelry companies are making is the shift from “only certain occasions” to being “suitable for all days.”

Shops now encourage the daily use of essentials. What’s the reasoning behind this? Solid gold and platinum jewelry are much more durable than plated or vermeil jewellery. You can wear your diamond and gold hoops every day without worrying about them turning green, fading, or tarnishing. You should also keep any jewelry that you love in your possession out of reach of children.

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