Tips and strategies on buying your first NYC home + New Listing Steals & Deals

We used public records to identify the best landlords in Manhattan. Rentlogic, our website partners, grade buildings on the basis of the number and severity of maintenance issues in the past four year. We asked our partners at Rentlogic to do more than just compile the numbers for landlords owning buildings in Manhattan. They then weighted their data to favor those with larger portfolios. The idea is that it’s much harder to maintain 20 buildings as it is to maintain 1. The result shows which landlords have the most Rentlogic A+ buildings in their portfolios.

Noting that the list is a mixture of large portfolio and luxury businesses and smaller landlords with simpler walk up and elevator buildings, many of which are on the Upper East and Upper West Sides. Every multifamily apartment building in the city must have a registered owner. However it is not uncommon for building owners and managers to hide their ownership through limited upper west side nyc apartment management services liability corporations. Therefore, we associate buildings with the real owner of a building listed in the registrations and tie those individuals back to the entity that they are publicly associated with. The owner data is imperfect because a company may change the names of owners from one building or another.

Our data does not reflect the full extent of some owners’ portfolios. Blackstone, one among the most powerful landlords in the United States, owns Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper Village. The ownership structure is important and it would be unfair for us to adjust one entry to the list without making significant changes to others. Therefore, the StuyTown branch will be treated as an independent entity for the purposes this ranking. It’s similar with the runners-up. Some of the big owners, like Related and Rockrose Development Group have larger portfolios. These may have performed better if they could associate more buildings with them.

According to brokers who spoke to us, new renters tend towards roommates and those under 40 years old. This is due to their proximity to East Village as well affordability as a lack of more amenities. However, the facility also offers parking, storage and office space. There’s also a farmer’s market, a gym, package delivery, storage, parking, and storage. The most impressive attraction is the 80 park-like acres where the complex’s brick buildings are located. This network of paths, lawns and playgrounds insulates the development from the surrounding city.

Craigslist found me this tiny, tiny room in an old apartment. There were four other female roommates in my 20s and 30s. They are amazing and the apartment itself is huge. I feel like a teenager living in a hostel. This summer, I will turn 33. I feel like my 20s have been regressed in a very unfavorable way.

My biggest challenge was that I probably emailed 25-30 people in the past couple of weeks while searching for housing. Two people responded. Two responded. I saw both units, but chose the one that felt right, despite the fact that there were many roommates.

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